Noble Park RSL Sub-Branch 1128 Heatherton Road, Noble Park VIC 3174

Phone number: (03) 9548 3750


Membership & Benefits

Fees for 2017 are $30 From January until December.

Please Note: That a $10 fee applies to members over 80 and also we now

have a 3 year membership for $60

Listed below are the benefits of becoming a member:

- Service and Affiliate members can use their
card at any RSL in Australia and receive full reciprocal rights where applicable.
- Social membership only entitles you to use
your card at any RSL in Victoria and receive full reciprocal rights where applicable.
- You will be issued a membership card which
will enable you to enter the Noble Park RSL and other Sub-Branches in Victoria without signing in.
- This membership card attracts loyalty points for club purchases. Points are accumulated
through bar and meal purchases and members bar functions. Bonus points are allocated at 2
points for each dollar spent. Please note bonus points must be spent by the 31st
December in each respective year.
- Note that loyalty points are interchangeable throughout Victorian R.S.L. Sub-Branches.

- Your membership card entitles you to members prices at other Sub-Branches.
- Other member benefits include weekly members draw, this member’s draw is
conducted between 6 - 6.30pm every Tuesday and Sunday between 4- 4:30pm. You must be on the premises to be eligible to win.

It Jackpots by $20 per week if not won, when the Jackpot is won it starts again at $500.
- All bar purchases include a member’s discount.
- We also have a special members birthday promotion. Each member in the month of their birthday will receive a $10 meal voucher and a free Birthday drink through the kiosk.

They will also receive a birthday card in the mail which has their name on it. This yellow card

is then to be placed in the barrel at the front entrance of the R.S.L.

- On the last wednesday of each month a special draw will be held where a yellow card will be drawn from the barrel and the lucky member will win $150. Please note the member must be present and the draw will continue until a winner is found.

- There is also a special weekly draw held on a friday from 6pm where a lucky member will win a $50 venue voucher.

- Members are issued a ticket for this draw when they swipe at the kiosk. (1 ticket per member per day)
- Members must swipe their cards to become eligible to win the state wide and in house rewards promotions.
- By joining you will become eligible to become a member of any of our sporting
bodies namely Anglers, Golf, Indoor Bowls and Darts.